37 Degrees Office Pods

Do you have excess parking or land? Need additional revenue and footfall?

Make your excess space a business hub, here at 37 Degrees we have developed our own door pod units which give the sense of co-working and community, but with your own door and space.  We are looking to find partners across the UK with excess space to locate our multi pod units.

From planning to installation 37 Degrees will manage every step.  All units are built off site and can be installed and operational within a day.

Through our 37 Degrees platform each user will have access to

  • The 37 Degrees community including mentorship and document library
  • 37 Degrees mentors

Your pod will include

  • Full thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Double glazed windows and doors
  • LED Low energy lighting
  • Office furniture
  • WiFi boost package

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