car park Solutions

37 Degrees offer solutions for office, retail and leisure units
within car parks

37 Degrees is a unique offering for unused or surplus car park spaces. With just 30 car park spaces, we can drop in offsite fabricated modular shipping containers complete with walkways, lift, toilet facilities to operate as a standalone mixed use development.

37 Degrees can be anything from a few containers to 20-30 containers offering retail, office and leisure units with state of the art facilities.

37 Degrees has up cycled used shipping containers to be able to create a unique business centre that can offer an affordable solution for both existing and start-up businesses.

As with all our developments, our tenants get the benefit of our 37 Degrees mentorship programme and our community platform. This will enable you to get advice and guidance on how to start-up, grow and eventually if needed relocate your business. Here at 37 Degrees we support social mobility through entrepreneurship and offer various support packages through our 37 Degrees mentorship arm. Prior to becoming a tenant at 37 Degrees you can sign up to the 37 Degrees community platform where you will not only be able to download documents to assist with your business plan or pitch deck but to be able to communicate with others who are on a similar journeys.

Car Park Solution

The above scheme is 22 units in car parks complete with 22 lettable units and full toilet facilities

Pod Business Parks

The above scheme is in a car park beside one of our retail and leisure schemes. Comprising 14 lettable units and full facilities

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